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Another university post.

Ok, so there's a development in the Tacitus situation. Since the HPRC (History/Philosophy/Religion/Classics) department have had their budgeting chopped by the higher-ups (*boo, hiss*), we only get an hour for Latin in the new semester. A course with so little time spent is referred to as a flexible delivery course, and most of the material for it you will find online.

So, the Tacitus text and an accompanying commentary are online at the HPRC website. Only, I can't access the commentary or the notes, even after supplying the necessary login information. DAMMIT.

I would probably try and e-mail the IT people about it, but it's rather silly to be fretting over this over a month before classes begin. I'm still going to look for a book version of the Latin translation, largely because printing out Histories will use up a lot of our precious printer paper. I should get a new dictionary while I'm at it....argh, still have to find one that incorporates the damn Latin vulgate that isn't over $100. Must endeavour to try St. Paul's if I can find the time.

But hey, my timetable for next semester at least looks pretty good. I no longer have Fridays off, but I do get Tuesday off. Monday's shaping up to be a day where I'll be rushing around, though. Provided I can avoid a clash between a religion tutorial and the ancient history lecture (all dependent on tutorial sign on), I'll have three classes in a row to race to. What fun it is, to sprint from one class to another like that! Here's to hoping that the buildings aren't on opposite ends of the campus.

In other news, I saw The Producers today, and John Barrowman was in it for about ten minutes. He was very blonde and had an awesome cane that he danced around with during the 'Springtime for Hitler' number. And I was disturbed at how excited and pleased I was to see him onscreen (I blame you, Libby. I think your crush on him is contagious!).

And just to fill the Tennant quota, here is a link to a short online film starring him (thanks Karen!). It's about ten minutes and it's kind of funny, so give it a look.

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