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I just changed the channel to find Hugh Laurie blustering with a huge mustache in Cousin Bette. Dammit, why is this on now?! When I'm about to nod off from exhaustion? I have to forego it in favour of sleep, but in better news, I just saw a promo for season 2 of House, and it's going to start showing in February! *cheers*

Oh yeah, and it was Christmas, wasn't it? In summary, lots of kids and tantrums, some lovely presents and capping off the night by watching the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's concert on the ABC and then a little Michael Palin and Terry Jones.

And tomorrow, I'm seeing 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. Not a bad couple of days at all, save for the atrocious Queensland heat.

I also must remember to go hunting for a torrent of The Christmas Invasion tomorrow. It's must see Tennant tv.

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