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Ah, at last.... last. Hallelujah! Ok, three school assignments to do, two fanfics in progress with two others in the pipeline. Two movies to see (Gosford Park and The Royal Tenenbaums) and a book to re-read (Jane Eyre).
The next term will be our longest....three bloody months. I hope I can survive it...

Our school has adopted a baby spotted python. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Snakes are really the coolest creatures, but that's coming from the pov of a pro-Slytherin person like me. You may have a different opinion....

Anyway, there's a competition to name the snake. They don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet, as it's too small to tell, but I've put in my name suggestions. Severus (after our beloved Potions Master of course), Salazar (after the Slytherin house founder), Nagini (Lord Voldie's loyal serpent) and Salome, which is partly inspired by author Sphinx's fic 'A Decoding of the Heart', which features a snake of the same name, belonging to Snape. If you have name suggestions, put 'em in your comments.

The popular choice is Monty (after Monty Python), but seems a little boring to me. How's about an exotic name?

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