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Today was Sinterklaas (Here is a link if anyone's curious about it, but basically it's the feast day for the historical Santa Claus, St. Nicholas of Myra), so I made kempisch worstebrood (sausage rolls) and pepernoten (small ginger biscuits). The latter didn't turn out that great (dad thought they were a little too crunchy), but one out of two ain't bad. Dad bought chocolate-coated marzipan for the occasion too. It's really sweet. If I'd eaten more than two thin slices, I think I probably would've felt ill afterwards. As it is though, I'm feeling rather full and content. I think the spice mix I used in the biscuits must be close to what they put in chai tea. It smelled great.

Got the rest of my Christmas cards out today too! Not a bad day for accomplishments.

Aaaand my paid account's renewed, so I can keep filling up all that wonderful icon space. Might do one or two more Firefly ones. And studiously avoid the spoilery Serenity pictures while I'm at it.
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