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They call it music with rocks in.

Jarvis Cocker wins at life. And it's a pity that JKR has appeared to put the kibosh on the idea of a whole Weird Sisters album. Because that would be incredible, in a 'wow, this is the HP fandom on crack!' sort of way.

I just watched the Australia's Favourite Film poll on the ABC. The entire contingent of viewers (who are the Australians who watch the ABC and felt like voting) decided that the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy was their favourite film. Can't say that I'm entirely surprised by the result, but the rest of the top ten was kind of....well, meh. Some I felt were entirely justified (Star Wars, The Shawshank Redemption, Donnie Darko), but Amelie? And Gone with the Wind? IMHO, of course.

If it's of any relevance to the other Australian Firefly fans on my list, Serenity came in at 38 in the top 100. :D

My copy of the m15m book arrived today. Oh, it's wonderful. And also on crack. AU$24.95, people. Go forth and order it, it's worth the wait.

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