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Empire begins on Seven this week (just after Blackpool!). What with that and Rome on tv next year, it seems Julius Caesar's enjoying a bit of a revival in the popular arts. Not that I'm especially interested in the dying years of the republic (see last post), but hey, if there's togas, I'm there. And Trudy Styler is playing Servilia, which should be interesting in its own right. Don't know about the guy playing Augustus though, he's a little too good-looking.

It's been a quiet weekend, all in all. Well, except for this afternoon's storms, which scared the heck out of Smokey. I'm still reading's informative and entertaining in places but makes for rather bleak and sometimes depressing reading. It's to be expected though, since it's about life behind the Iron Curtain.

In uni news, my Latin teacher for the second half of the semester, Denis, has been elected to the UQ senate. I'm waiting with baited breath for the results this week, and am already missing having concrete homework and assessment to do. In that sense, I probably should have enrolled for the summer semester, but of the two religion courses available, one I've already taken and the other not that interesting.

Yikes, what a boring update! At least GoF is out on Thursday, that'll give me something to fangirl over later this week. And then there's Blackpool, Empire and the new series of Teachers....I take back what I said about the non-ratings period, there is some decent stuff turning up. :)

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