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Over a year after it was shown in the states, we finally got the season finale of Frasier tonight, Channel Nine having rushed through the last two seasons in the past three months. *grumble*

That mini-rant What a horrible reaction, but it was a pretty good (if a little rushed) ending to the series. I'm actually wondering if Nine cut scenes (like Seven have done in the past with MASH >:-|), the plot lines (birth of Niles and Daphne's son/Frasier deciding to leave/Martin getting married) just seemed over a little too quickly. Or maybe it's just me. *shrug*

Mainly, the big squeeage was over Daphne's brothers appearing. Because OMG. David Hyde Pierce and Richard E. Grant in the same room together. REG, in a sexy leather jacket. *flutter* And Robbie Coltrane, and Anthony LaPaglia, and all the rowdy British blokiness. Completely made my night.

The series is over, but next year we should be seeing Frasier Crane again. Except he'll have blue fur and everyone will be calling him Beast instead.

After this week, we can expect a dry season for good tv. The season finale of House is tomorrow night too. :( But at least there'll be cable, and dvds, and the reruns of Lost. Not too bad at all!

Also enrolled for semester 1 2006 before. Tentatively, I've enrolled in LATN2260 (Advanced Latin Language and Literature B- the Tacitus course I've been prattling on about), ANCH2280 (Roman Society and Civilisation), RELN2401 (the Jesus Cult) and RELN1402 (Bible: Fact or Fiction). Now, I must cross my fingers and hope that the timetable will accomodate that. If not, there are a couple of other courses that I wouldn't mind doing, like the ancient history one on Alexander the Great, and a religion one focussing on Hinduism. I've thought a little about second semester (my last semester) too, though the courses available then don't seem as interesting as the first. I suppose I'll probably end up taking the Roman Revolution for ancient history.

I would like to be more interested in res publica, but I think high school ancient history turned me right off of it. Much to the point where I twitch violently at the mere mention of the Gracchi, and Pompey sends me into fits. However, if we're talking the downfall of the republic, there might be some Cicero (I can now fully appreciate and love Ciceronian Latin, having been put through the nightmare of translating the Aeneid and therefore now hating Virgil instead) in there and obviously the civil war. Can't be too bad, right?

(Why am I thinking about this now? I have ages to angst over the finer details of this. Back to your regularly scheduled rambling.)

There are already GoF screencaps up on cap_it. *falls over* Nine days to go, dammit. I want to make it clear here though, that I was a David Tennant (Barty Crouch Jr) fangirl before GoF. Just in case I hadn't made that clear enough with my Casanova icons and squeeing over him. ;p

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