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So, I got to watch the new Doctor Who scene that was filmed for the BBC Children in Need special.

Gah! So. Good.

I'm loving Ten already, he's such a nutter. For what was just a 5 minute scene they managed to pack humour, angst and a little bit of Ten/Rose in there, which was brilliant. Oh, the Christmas Invasion isn't soon enough! The ABC needs to get the Australian broadcast rights, like, right now.

And I have to say, hearing David Tennant's Scottish accent at the end was weird. I'm just too used to him speaking with an English accent, I guess.

Finished With Nails today as well (next book on the agenda: Tommy's Tale, by my favourite pansexual, Alan Cumming). Richard E. Grant should publish more of his film diaries, I say. They were funny, touching and honest. It amuses me that after seeing him in The Player, Tim Burton tells him that they should work together soon.

Fast-forward about twelve years: Corpse Bride! Which I saw yesterday. It was also funny and touching. I really do give credit to voice acting, I think it can be tougher than normal acting in front of a camera, since you rely on sight and movement to elicit vocal reaction (if that makes sense). Johnny Depp sounded very much not like Johnny Depp, and REG was appropriately snobby and sinister. Oh, and the visuals were lovely too. Very nice all round.

Now, I'm off to watch my tape of the Lost pilot. Maryke has monopoly over the tv in the living room tonight, but I'm going to see if I can talk mum into watching Casanova with me in the study.

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