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There's something oddly ridiculous about seeing Christmas decorations in the department stores this early. Then again, I can talk since I'm already preparing cards and considering what dad and I are going to make for Sinterklass. Must get Oma's cookbook down and look at some recipes. But still, the idea of decorations being up now is somewhat puzzling to me. Oh, well.

On Monday, I came upon the ninety year-old Codex of Canon Law that I bought from Archives a few months ago. Like the Horace book, the whole book is in Latin. The preface and everything. So naturally I thought 'Oh, crusty old church law! What fun to translate! Up and at it!'

I got through two pages of rough translating before I gave up. I still want to translate it, but my Latin dictionary just isn't covering the vocabulary in there. Probably because classical Latin and ecclesiastical Latin are much more different than I had anticipated. Not that it's exactly bad though, the church seems to like using English word order for sentences, and some of the words were just English words that were 'Latinized'. Still, I think I'm going to need a new dictionary, preferably one that covers what's in the Vulgate. As it is, my beloved Collins edition is starting to fall apart and the ancient ones that I was given by my old religion teacher Mr Carroll are too fragile to carry around. So, a new one it is.

Incidentally, the first sentence I translated in the codex told me that I wasn't allowed to translate the book into another language unless I had permission from Vatican. Knowing me and my procrastinating ways, it'll probably be my excuse if I don't go near it again for the rest of summer. XD

In fandom-related news....

...the first season of House is coming out on dvd 30th of November. They advertised it after last night's episode, which was ohsogood because the snark was in full swing with all those students in the lecture. And Wilson, who I honestly found a little boring in the early episodes (don't hit me!), has really grown on me.

...Channel 7 is repeating Lost over the non-ratings summer period as well, which is good since it was one of those shows-I-wanted-to-watch-but-didn't-because-I-missed-the-first-few-episodes.

...and I've seriously been getting into Firefly over the past couple of weeks. And Simon is love. That is all.

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