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Infelix Dido has faded into the air!

I honestly wish nanowrimo wasn't held during November, when I have exams. If I wasn't studying/writing essays, I'd be poking at those original story ideas that I've done a little research on. Dammit, I'm so prepared to write a novel, and I think could if study wasn't the top priority.

I probably didn't need to worry as much about my Latin exam as I actually did. I was right on the money when I thought that the final lines from book iv were going to be one of the passages, and the other two passages for translating I pretty much knew most of as well. Also surprised myself by knowing the scansion and most of the parsing!

I know that there's at least a couple of mistakes I made, but I'm currently happy to live under the delusion that I at least did very well.

I suppose I should start on Tacitus over the summer. If Tom's taking the course (learnt today that it's not actually confirmed yet, but he is the course co-ordinator), he won't assign lines like John/Denis did, he'll go around the class and get us to read out sentences in whatever order. So it would be prudent of me to actually have good translations for everything next semester. It'll give me something to do, at least. I wouldn't mind picking up the Latin translation of Harry Potter or poking at the copy of Horace's Opera I bought a few weeks ago.

One exam down. Now I have to tackle this take-home exam for prophets. 2000 words and a question that could be answered in half that amount. :/ Doesn't get any better than this!

And for Libby's sake, I thought I'd break from the Tennant love icon-wise. Have some Nine/Rose on me, it's the one of most obvious pairings to ship in the DW fandom but I still love it.


Actually on second thought...

David Tennant at the GoF premiere in London.

Yeesh, it's not the most attractive picture I've seen of him, but 'tis the only one I could find of him at the premiere.

I'm also finding it indescribably cool that Jarvis Cocker is singing in the movie. Smart move by the filmmakers. Just thought I'd add that while I'm editing this. ^^;

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