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Somewhere between Thursday and Friday, I caught a chest cough. I'm hoping it doesn't turn into anything worse, since my Latin exam's on Monday. I think I'd probably go to my exam even if I was sick, but it'd be nice not to infect everyone else. When I had the flu a few months ago, at least three or four people in my Latin class were sick afterwards. -_-;

The study is going slowly, but surely. I'm parsing some of the more difficult words and more or less attempting to put to memory some of the more interesting chunks of the Aeneid. I have a gut feeling that John's going to take a passage from the end of book iv, specifically the one about Juno sending down Iris to free Dido. Could be wrong, but I know that bit rather well now, so I have my fingers crossed.

And everybody on my flist is going to suffer my new-found David Tennant fangirling, since I got my hands on Casanova caps. So ha! Back to the books I go.

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