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I went to Borders today to order Alan Alda's biography and see if the m15m book was available, since it was released in Australia yesterday. I succeeded in ordering the biography (should arrive in about a month, so it'll probably be what I read over Christmas), but no cigar on the book. The clerk I spoke to said it hadn't even been published here yet(!), which would mean I'd have to wait for it to come in from the UK, like I'm doing with the biography. I've decided to wait until it's published here and save myself some money. I probably could have done the same with the biography, but then I'm not so sure there's enough interest for it to be published here. ;p

In the meantime, in-between studying I've begun reading Romanitas, by Sophia McDougall. It's the first of a trilogy apparently, and is based around the idea that the Roman empire never fell and instead went on to take over most of the world. I've read a couple of chapters so far, and it's brilliant. The Graeco-Roman pantheon is still worshipped, crucifixion (with electric crosses!) is the favoured method of execution and the United States is a Roman province. What's not to like? :D


Just saw a trailer for Blackpool on the ABC. It's going to be shown in the summer! So. Much. Tennant. Love.

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