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But you gotta stand trial, because all the while/I can see for miles and miles...

There are times when I enjoy walking in the rain. Like yesterday, when I was walking to the bus stop with my chai latte and the rain was just a pleasant sort of sprinkle.

However, walking in the rain up a steep hill when it's really bucketing down and your shoes are making squelching noises because there's water in them is not one of those times. So in that vein, today's lesson learned is: 'Walk to the gym when it's fine and sunny. And if you're that desperate to go and it's raining, take a bloody taxi.' I am none the worse for it, however. And I could have taken a taxi, but then I'm trying to be a miser so I have the means to go to Italy at the end of next year.

(Yeah, that's working well, considering my mini-splurge at Borders earlier this week. I really deserve a pat on the back for my restraint.)

Speaking of which, I'm applying for an adult passport at the moment, and I happened to have my previous one in my bag and now (because my bag is made of the sort of material that absorbs water like tissue paper) it is somewhat waterlogged. Ugh. I think I can salvage it for the interview though.

Part one of Casanova is showing on Sunday night. I know I'm more excited about this than I should be, and it's pretty much all to do with David Tennant. For someone who looks rather geeky, he somehow manages to come off rather sexy in the promos. Or at least, I find him sexy, which is very disturbing. I am desperately trying to hate him (as a Nine fangirl), but I can't find it in me to do so. Particularly after I saw a pic of him as Barty Crouch. Wearing a long black leather jacket and tight jeans. Rawr...I think? I just know that Crouch Jr's going to have a bandwagon of fangirls after GoF premieres. Ditto Karkaroff and possibly that hot advisor of his.

I must work more on my Very Important Paper this weekend (I think I can easily have it finished in a week, and that would give me time to work on my Prophets exam and study for Latin), but someone offered to host Like a Moth for me earlier this week, so I spent a good portion of today shifting files from geocities to this new domain. Bleh, I shall have to e-mail everybody on the fanlisting and the affiliates and get them to change their bookmarks too. That's 74 people. Could be worse, I guess. But I wonder how many will actually do that. I might just put up a redirect page just in case.

On a final note....I must restrain myself from seeing this new Pride and Prejudice. It's not that I don't like Keira Knightley, but.....gah, I have too much loyalty to the mini-series. And no one else will quite fill Mister Darcy's brooding shoes like Colin Firth. In my humble opinion, of course. ;)

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