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Libby will be happy about this...

Yay for Captain Jack! Really, he was too cool a character to get rid of completely.

Rocked my religion presentation today, probably even went on a little too much. At least Michael seemed pleased. Now that part is over, there's the whopping 2500-word essay to finish. ;p Really, Christology is the worst thing to tackle in an essay. There's just too much material on it.

In other news, I badly need to curb my trips to Borders. I had vouchers to use yesterday and walked out with an Oxford edition of Horace's Opera and the first volume of Pliny the Younger's letters. I like the Horace book though. The cover's pale green and the entire book is in Latin. Including the editor's preface, the index and the footnotes. ;p I will surely have a ball translating that! Also chatted to the guy at the counter while buying said books, since he happened to be a UQ postgrad in classics. Or more, we bitched about Tacitus and sang Suetonius' praises for his tabloid style of historical writing. Pretty good for a five minute discussion.

I still have 79 more icon spaces to fill, and I'm already out of ideas. I do love my Norrington icon though. The font I used there is parchment, and it's so pretty. But still! Need ideas for icons. *ponders*

Finished reading I Claudius/Claudius the God today. I shamefully admit that I hadn't read this before, but suffice to say, I loved it. Though don't make me count the ways....Robert Graves really is clever with his literary references and writing style. Might not be the best translator, but certainly an entertaining writer.

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