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Tea with the vicar

Friday night went off without a hitch. Good food, good conversation. Our distant aloof clergyman's actually quite relaxed and funny when he's not worrying about organizing big events and running around the cathedral in his cassock. We shared a pizza at the restaurant we went to, and then we had gelatis and wandered around the streets of New Farm for a while.

I should say though, it was (and is currently) muggy as all hell. I don't remember October being this hot last year. Still, I can start swimming again soon.

...I have nearly managed to do entirity of my Nostradamus paper in the time it's taken to write this update. I don't know whether to be impressed with myself at my otherwise-appalling work ethic or annoyed at the lack of decent stuff to write about on here.

Also. If you're reading this Elizabeth, hello. :)

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