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Thanks for the people that suggested ways to lengthen my presentation. I will certainly take them into account. I feel stupid for not considering how closely people still follow Nostradamus' prophecies in this day and age and the interpretation of said prophecies into account. There's so much to work with there. And as comfybluechair puts it, I do tend to worry too much. Especially on a project that isn't worth that much of the overall mark.

It's storming outside. Just wonderful. Except for the part where I have to brave pouring rain to go out to New Farm. I'm having dinner with a friend of mine at an Italian restaurant there on Brunswick street. Should be interesting, because we've also invited one of our parish priests to come along. Mainly to sort out some church politics and get to know him better. Can't wait to see how much the priest will give away about himself after a glass of wine (or two), he's always seemed a little distant and aloof.

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