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I have a presentation on Nostradamus to give when classes resume next week. A 750-word paper and a 15 minute oral. How am I supposed to get 15 minutes out of 750 words? It'll take me two minutes to fill everybody in on Nostradamus and probably another five showing some overheads with pictures and quotes. *boggles*

Then again, isn't the purpose of an arts degree to take what can be said in five hundred words and make it into fifteen hundred? ;p

In other news, I badly feel like making some new icons. Perhaps tomorrow. And I bought Alan Cumming's novel on Tuesday. I plan on reading it once I get through all those other books that I'm halfway through. I've managed to get a few out of the way on this break, at least. I finished the Marquis De Custine's journals written during his trip to Russia today, and I can understand why the Soviets were so quick to ban them from publication. Old Astolphe was rather spot on with his assessment and predictions for the future of the Russian state. Still, his bleak descriptions of St. Petersburg and Moscow haven't put me off the idea of travelling there someday. Not before Italy, though. :)

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