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I just came home to find an envelope in the mail. It wasn't addressed, but it did have the following note on it:

For Stephanie!


I tried to find you at home, but as you were not here I leave you a new magazine. Have a nice read and hope to see you next time.


In the envelope was a copy of The Watchtower, the magazine that the Jehovah's Witnesses publish. Full of Christian propaganda as per usual and prophesising judgement day.

Firstly, how on earth did they know my name?! I'm assuming Irena was the missionary that came a month or so ago when I had the flu and knew better than to disturb me in my ill state. I swear I didn't give her my name, though. Yikes.

Secondly, I was rather hoping I didn't look interested in being evangelized the last time I saw the two missionaries, rather the opposite. Crap, I hope this isn't going to end up being a monthly occurance, being sent newsletters promoting a Christian sect that I'm not even interested in joining. At all.

I wonder if they knew I was Catholic. And if so, am I therefore an idolatrous heathen that worships Mary and other saints like they're gods? Do I need to be converted from this perversion of Christianity? I hope not. I rather like being Catholic. Serious beliefs aside, it is a very pretty religion.

On the upside, the scary Christian woman was not in my prophets class today. Huzzah! Perhaps she's gone for good and we won't have to deal with her interruptions anymore.

And, because I am more or less on my mid-semester break now....

LJ Interests meme results

  1. astronomy:
    My love of astronomy stems from my interest in ancient history, since the constellations and planets are named for heros, gods, and monsters from Graeco-Roman mythology. And the symbolism aside, there is also the sheer aesthetic value of it too. There's nothing prettier than a clear night where you can see stars. One of the few things I miss about living in the country is the lack of light pollution, you can't see that much at night in a city like Brisbane. :/
  2. canova:
    Antonio Canova is a neo-classical sculptor whose work I discovered after finding a pic of his famous sculpture of Cupid and Psyche online (and in the icon I'm using, as a matter of fact). He was going to feature in a historical novel that I was planning on writing, but the plans for that more or less fell through. Still, I admire the Marquis D'Ischia's work and if I manage to get to Italy next year, his home town of Possagno is definitely a place I want to visit.
  3. derek jacobi:
    He's Claudius! That's the role that got me interested in him, but it was seeing him live on stage that made me appreciate him all the more. But I still love John Hurt more. *winks at Caroline*
  4. harry potter:
    Um. Great books and the first online fandom I got involved in. That's the short of it.
  5. james franco:
    The one celebrity crush I have that's under the age of thirty, I think. >_o
  6. marcus aurelius:
    One of my favourite Roman emperors and my favourite Stoic philosopher. The world needs a leader like Marcus Aurelius right now.
  7. nickelodeon:
    Used to be my favourite maker of cartoons (Ren and Stimpy was the pinnacle), but the stuff they show on the cable channel now is really crappy. More of a former interest, if anything.
  8. richard e. grant:
    REG was my first actor crush. It was The Scarlet Pimpernel that really hit the nail on the head. From then on, I was just....*flutter* And, he also gave me an invaluable piece of advice when it comes to writing. Someday, I will thank him for that in person.
  9. starship titanic:
    Sort of a spinoff from Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy. A novel/computer game penned/created by Douglas Adams and Terry Jones about a luxury spaceship that more or less crashes on its maiden voyage. In the game, you have to fix the ship via logic puzzles and get it back on course, and you have Genuine People Personality robots to help you out. Interesting to play, and very gorgeous in terms of visuals. With the Adams touch, of course. :)
  10. tin tin:
    Tin Tin is a character created by the Belgian cartoonist Herge, a reporter who used to go on adventures with his dog Snowy. Dad used to read Tin Tin's graphic novels as a kid in Holland, and when my sister and I were younger, he gave us the graphic novels to read. Oh, and there is a cartoon as well that screens sometimes on the ABC. Even moreso now, it's interesting to read the novels as socio-political reflections of the times in which they were written (1920s/30s).

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Next on the agenda: feed the cats, have dinner and finish the Muhammad paper.

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