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Argh. This Muhammad paper is progressing so sluggishly. I'm at a stage where it will be finished to be handed in first thing Friday, but it's just.....the lecturer has not been clear on what exactly we're supposed to write about, other than 'write about a prophetic figure from one of the Abrahamic faiths'. So, I'm writing a bit of Muhammad's backstory, what makes him a prophet, throwing in some of the revelations he received and hoping that's what the lecturer expected.

In other assessment, I had a quiz for ancient history today, which I'm quite sure I did well on, aside from botching the questions about the Mesopotamian gods. Sat through my tutorial afterwards virtually on auto-pilot, aside from ten minutes where I decided to caricature Domitian in my notebook.

*looks at tv* Oooh, Gladiator's on tv Saturday night. Might just watch it for the bits with Derek Jacobi and Oliver Reed. And make some new icons, since I've got a week's break from uni next week.

*randomly wonders when the hell HBO's Rome is going to be shown on Aussie tv*

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