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1. I've lived in Australia my whole life, save for two years in 1989-91 when I lived in the Papua New Guinean highland province of Goroka, where dad was working at the time. It was a great place to live then, though I'm not so sure it would be now.

2. Before moving to Brisbane, my family lived in a little country town in the Brisbane valley, Kilcoy. I sincerely hope I'll never have to go back there for anything ever again, going to school there was a largely unpleasant experience for me.

3. Adding onto the previous fact, I'm largely a city girl. As good an experience as studying in Toowoomba was for me, in the words of Henry Lawson: "I'm back from the country -- very sorry that I went--".

4. I don't remember either of these incidents at all, but when I was little, I was a somewhat accident-prone kid with a penchant for tugging on electrical cables and causing appliances to fall. Once it was a television set that squashed my pinky, the other time it was a hot iron that landed on my shin.

5. I got bitten by the ancient history bug at a fairly young age. Dad brought home a CD-ROM program with stuff about Egypt/Greece/Rome in it, and ever since then I've maintained a fascination with it. I think because these civilisations have given so much in terms of lasting legacies, especially in science, language and politics.

6. That said, my sparked interest at 15 for learning the Latin language wasn't brought on by my interest in the Roman republic/empire. Of all things, it was Harry Potter that really made me want to learn the language. I was curious about where the origins of particular character names, spells, etc. came from. In that sense, I like the way the wizarding world in HP has a sort-of link with ancient Rome....there's so many things you could adapt to the books that come from Rome! But that's another story.

7. I'm half-Dutch, half-Australian. My dad was born in Holland and came to Australia in the early fifties with my oma and opa. I would like to think that in the future I'll maintain close ties with my Dutch heritage.

8. I can't really remember how or why I got into fanfiction-writing, but I like to think that as bad as some of my earlier efforts were, it's helped me to improve my creative writing. And I've also found many good friends via my work. :)

9. I've travelled overseas twice (three times if you count New Guinea). The first time was in 1991, when after leaving New Guinea, my family travelled around Indonesia. I can't remember it too well now, but I do remember that I got to ride on the back of an elephant in a safari park, and that we were in Bali for my seventh birthday. The second time was in 2001, when I went to Greece and Egypt on a school-sponsored trip with a bunch of other students and my ancient history teacher. Greece was absolutely wonderful and I definitely want to go back there. Egypt, while also amazing, I'm not so sure about.

10. I'm still not entirely sure what I want to do with my life after university, but I know that I want to work in the field of religion and/or classics (my current interests are along the lines of early Christianity in the Roman provinces). I'm also toying with the idea of becoming a librarian, since I love books and research.

11. I'm not sure I want to get a driver's license. I get by well enough going on public transport at the moment, and I don't see that changing.

12. Netspeak annoys the crap out of me, especially if it's written in a constant stream. I just don't know how people can type that stuff out without bursting into laughter, it's so ridiculous.

13. In my three years as an altar server at my church, I've served a cardinal, numerous archbishops, bishops and even more priests than I can count on my fingers. And as it is with people of any profession, you get good ones to work with, and bad ones.

14. If women's ordination had been allowed in the church before now (or in the future, for that matter), I would've considered the priesthood as a future profession.

15. I'm a hopeless tabloid addict. ;p I get Who and NW every week without fail.

16. I'm one of those people in the 10/13% of the world's population that's left-handed. I feel so special. ^^;

17. Probably a throwback to primary school, but I've always been someone who doesn't mind being a loner and I do enjoy time to myself.

18. I prefer tea to coffee. Coffee is just too strong, and...ick. So, it's tea. I'm partial to Earl Grey and Irish breakfest, and I just became addicted to chai as well. -_-;

19. My favourite authors are Graham Greene and Umberto Eco. I just got dad to order Eco's graphic novel 'The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana' for me.

20. On a similar and final note, I've never read a Neil Gaiman novel. Yes, I ought to be shot, but I know there's a copy of American Gods around our house somewhere, and I will read it someday!


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