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One inevitably suffers for the other...

Ok, so the Latin 1240 mid-semester is probably not the high point of my academic career thus far, but I passed, which was better than I expected. Will just have to pull my weight for the rest of the semester. I don't know what it is, but around the time of my Latin mid-semesters I always end up having some sort of panic attack about whether or not I should be studying Latin and end up visiting my lecturer to get some sort of reassurance. I suppose I could go and see John, but he pretty much said this afternoon in class not to be discouraged. I do like John as a lecturer, but I'm kind of missing hearing Tom's mantra of 'never give up, never give up, never give up' right now.

Ah, well. I can compensate for my bad mid-semester with my ancient history essay, which I finished tonight. 1584 words, and an equal balance between primary and secondary sources (which I've had trouble with in the past). *crosses fingers* I'm handing it in tomorrow, and then there's another 1500 word essay on Muhammad I need to contend with for my Prophets class.

Bah, no rest for the wicked, they say! Well, this is the first night in a few weeks that I've gone to bed before midnight, so there will be some rest for this wicked one.

Oh, and Karen? I wasn't sure whether you got my e-mails a few weeks ago? If not, let me know and I'll try sending them with my google address. I've started writing some more bits and pieces since then. :)

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