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I swear, if I encounter another fundamentalist asking me if I'm Christian, I will be forced to lie and say that I'm a Bacchant or worship the Imperial cult of Augustus. My patience is honestly wearing thin. >:-/

*sigh* I think I may do 'The Last Temptation of Christ' for my Controversies in Biblical Interpretation assignment. And cross my fingers that I'm not called up on jury duty in the next month or so. I think the explanation I gave on the form was rather concise (missing university classes where attendance is part of the final mark would mean a drop in my marks, missing assignments and presentations, etc.), I can only hope that I'll be exempt. At the risk of seeming like the real geek I heart sinks a little at the thought of missing a month's worth of lectures. Especially the crucial month before exam block!

Revision for my Latin mid-semester and getting the remaining two-thirds of my Ancient religion essay top priority this weekend. Three weeks until the mid-semester break. Can I do this? Yes! Starting...tomorrow. ;p
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