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I got next to nothing done this weekend. The cough/headache I had on Wednesday worsened on Thursday night to a fever. When I couldn't get out of bed on Friday morning without my joints aching or my head spinning, I knew I had the flu. So, I've spent most of the weekend in bed, aside from trips to take medicine (some vile concoction of ammonia and senega) and get glasses of water/juice/lemonade. To add insult to injury, on Friday there were Jehovah's Witnesses doorknocking in our street. Oh, God, exactly who you do not want to see when you've hit rock bottom. I could've ignored their knocking, but my hacking cough was so noisy that they would've known I was there. Either way, they took one look at me and knew better than to stick around.

I feel a lot better today, but I worry about going back to uni tomorrow if I haven't fully recovered. Bleh, I'll just have to stick to the cold and flu pills and hope for the best.

Besides, there's a three-day student discount sale at Borders starting tomorrow. 20% off to anyone who flashes their ID card. Now, I couldn't miss that. Plus, I need to send off money to renew my paid account (expiring tomorrow). Oh, and uni. Yes, couldn't forget that. I think I could probably miss any of my other lectures, but Latin I just can't. At all. Great subject, gruelling workload.

New icon! Because you know Lucius Malfoy has auctoritas (or at least he did once). Yay for old Roman republican values being applied to modern fandom.

Off to salvage what's left of my weekend. Probably with the lines I was assigned for Latin translation this week. Fun fun fun.

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