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One week of holidays left...

...and still not a lot to report.

I met up with Amy (pink_pantha) in the city today, which was a total blast. We had pancakes at the Pancake Manor, followed by much wandering across the city and the mall in the quest for the perfect hat for Amy and in my case, books. Julie, we missed you terribly today. Perhaps all three of us can meet up in the future sometime. :)

I've ploughed through three books: biographies of Pope John XXIII, Reverend Joy Carroll (the real vicar of Dibley!) and Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass and began a fourth (I, Claudius/Claudius the God) in four days at Ithaca this week. That should give you an idea of just how busy I am. ;p I can't complain though, I'm earning money and it's not like I'm completely without work-related stuff to do.

Well, HBP is out tomorrow. And I realize that half the people on my flist are going to have these sort of warning posts, but if anyone posts humungous big fat juicy spoilers without an lj-cut, I will be forced to come after them with anything that can qualify as a pointy weapon. I probably won't get to read the book until Monday, as Maryke has first dibs on it (for reasons relating to her upcoming 18th birthday). I'm picking it up tomorrow morning at Borders in the city. Which was probably a bad idea in retrospect, considering the place is going to be chock-full of people like me who've put their deposit down for the book. Bah. Should've gone to the Mary Ryan's in our suburb, like Maryke suggested.

Ah, well. Eeep, just over one week of holidays left! Partly glad to get back to the daily grind of uni though. It's like I need assignments to toil away on. Sitting around at work/home and reading/watching tv isn't quite as satisfying as it was at the beginning of the holidays.

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