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Ah, freedom.

Ancient history exam: BEST. EXAM. EVER.

Seriously, I walked in and I looked at the paper and I knew exactly what I was going to write about. Wrote a rip-roaring essay on Domitian and whether or not he deserved the horrible reputation he got in the sources (he did not completely, imho), another on why Titus was similarly favoured by sources. And then for the historical commentaries, I analysed an edict by Domitian to the Eastern provinces and one of Cassius Dio's excerpts on Nerva.

For the first time, I actually walked out of the exam room thinking I totally aced that exam. It was a brilliant feeling. Like I'd conquered ancient Dacia or something equally as cool.

And to top it all off, I'm on holidays. Big wo0t to that. Also checked out the course outline for Virgil next semester.....the exam is actually just having to know the translation for book iv off by heart. SO GOOD. I'm going to have a great time next semester, methinks....

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