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Having survived the weekend visiting my nieces and nephews, I got my Talk and Interaction essay back today while dropping off my Graeco-Roman religion one (which I raced to finish last night) at uni. And I'm rather pleased to report I got a six on it! And I ought to thank Lionell here (as well as Suzanne and Carolyn), because Richard singled out the data in his comments and thought it was very good. Thanks for providing such excellent fodder for me to examine. :)

In other news, I'm just studying. I spent a good portion of yesterday and today on the first half of my ancient history course, and tomorrow afternoon I will do further work on Latin, because reading my accidence sheet and attempting to memorize random bits and pieces from my text books while on the exercise bike just isn't quite going to cut it. :-/

And finally, I've chosen my classes for next semester. I would've done a communication subject next semester, but the available offerings were uninspiring, so I'm taking two religion subjects: Controversies in Biblical Interpretation (should be some rich pickings there.) and Prophets, Seers and Visionaries. In addition, I'm doing the next Latin course (translating Virgil's Aeneid) and Myth, Magic and Religion for my Ancient History subject. And at this point in time, none of my classes are clashing, which is very good news. And I should be able to keep going with the morning hours on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Ithaca too.

Now all I need is a text book list, but I just know that the bookshop won't have one until about a week before classes begin. ;p

Edit: No sooner do I complain about the lack of a text book list, and poof! There is one! And there's only two books that I need. Bless.

Edit 2: Holy Crap. The Latin text (volume 4 of the Aeneid) is nearly 78 dollars. o_O Is it made of sterling silver with parchment pages, maybe?

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