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*sings* We're knights of the round table!

Bah, Alan Alda didn't win a Tony! But Spamalot did! I saw footage from the musical on the Today show this morning.....God, I wish it would come down to Australia. Actually, it probably will, but we won't get it in Brisbane for another two years after that. And it's unlikely David Hyde Pierce would be part of the cast. :( Still. Am happy it won. And Tim Curry seriously looks like one of the most evil men in the universe when he smiles, now that I think about it.

Also....stumbled upon the community m15m. Funniest community ever. Especially loved the condensed versions of Troy and Van Helsing. I rather suspect the line 'I sex you up because I am the sexy!' will be stuck in my head for the rest of the week, if only because I can hear Richard Roxburgh saying it so clearly in his Count Roxula Dracula voice.

Time for afternoon tea and then I shall hunker down with those Hellenistic mystery cult books....must work, must work.

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