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Mum and dad are back from Turkey *yay*, and they brought many a gift and dozens of pictures of Graeco Roman ruins, mosques and Hagia Sophia, which made me insanely jealous, as I'm reading Umberto Eco's Baudolino currently and Sophia is playing a rather prominent role within it. And they saw the Sufi poet Rumi's tomb! Ahhh, so many things I want to see. :-/

The fact that they got to Ephesus is also especially irksome to me, as they saw what's left of the Temple of Artemis of Ephesus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world! I was just learning about it in Graeco Roman religion three weeks ago! But they did bring back a nice book (with badly translated English) that had pictures of the Ephesian roads and temple ruins (including one commissioned by Domitian. Will have to show that to Tom, haha).

They also brought back an evil eye bracelet for me, and a few other interesting bits and pieces (pottery, rugs, scarves, etc.). One of my favourites is one they actually picked up in Dubai when they were staying with my older sister: a silk Iranian prayer rug that changes colours. You look at it from one vantage point and it looks primarily black, and from another, primarily gold. It's just gorgeous. And it furthers my love of Persian culture....anytime now I'm going to have another moment of 'I want to learn Farsi, dammit!'.

Oooh, and they brought back genuine Turkish delight. Not the chocolate bars you get, the real authentic stuff, and it's just delicious.

Talking about this stuff is just putting me off doing more of my Talk and Interaction assignment that's due this Friday. Bah! Hate hate hate assignments right now. The odd thing is, I find with doing communication and media, the more stuff I write that doesn't make sense to me, the better my mark is. Richard is obviously mistaking my gibberish for genuine intellectual deep thinking. Not that I'm complaining at all, that is...

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