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mmnnnggh, the last few weeks of semester are always crazy, and without fail I end up having a late semester crisis, which I did, on Tuesday night. There are two more essays to hand in, and two exams to consider, and I don't have an inch of motivation to do any study or typing up, and one's due in a week.

C'mon work ethic, where are you? I managed to get 26 out 30 for the Apuleius paper, I KNOW you're hiding somewhere.

The good news is, my parents are coming home on Saturday morning from Turkey. The bad news is I'll probably spend Friday cleaning the house for their arrival. However, I'm seeing Episode III with Jannike again on Friday afternoon, so there is a reward to reap. Huzzah for that.

In the meantime, though....time to claw my way through this conversation assignment. :-/

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