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The sci-fi wrap-up

SW Episode III Verdict: A huge improvement on the first two prequels. Less cheesy dialogue, and Hayden Christensen has appeared to have had an acting lesson or two. Ended on a rather poignant note that makes me want to see Episode IV again desperately. I'd give a more spoilery review, but my breath has just been taken away by....

....Doctor Who: OMG. I was so prepared to dislike Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor because of my love of REG and the Scream of the Shalka serial he starred in, but Eccleston was just...well, bloody good! Charming, eccentric and just so inherently...well, Doctor-ish. Billie Piper wasn't too bad either as Rose, although I'll always think of her as a former pop star that was married to Chris Evans. Only one episode and I'm already understanding the fans who are lamenting Eccleston's imminent departure from the role after just a season. I have a feeling it'll be a hard act to follow.

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