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'tis a good week to be a geek.

Star Wars and the new series of Dr Who starting on the ABC! *squee*

I thought I should type a more coherent update, mainly because I've been up to more than typing out essays.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I didn't do Apuleius justice in my essay/presentation today. It was meant to be an essay on the relationship between the gods and the mortals in literature, but the other guy in my class that did Metamorphoses focussed more on the Sophist/Platonic symbolism side of things as opposed to me covering curiositas in mythology. *sigh* I shall have to wait and see, but if I got anything out of it, it was that I kind of ended up liking the book in the end, even if it's effectively satirical porn for ancient Romans.

The next assignment due is for Talk and Interaction and is on Membership Category Analysis. I recorded the data for it last week (conversations with some of my classmates in Latin)...haven't listened to it yet but quite frankly, I think I could write a phD thesis alone on Liam, one of the guys I study Latin with (who features in some of the data). He's an army officer who treats nothing sacredly (whether it's religion, politics or just about everything else). I'm really tempted to put some of his dialogue into the prepared transcript, but because he acknowledged the presence of the tape recorder, I don't think it'll happen. Depends, I guess. I do know there's a fair bit of religious discussion (ranging from analytical to irreverent)....perhaps I could study how people discuss 'touchy' issues like this?

In other news, I saw Kingdom of Heaven on Friday (after handing in my Year of the Four Emperors assignment). Can't say it was good or bad, particularly. Orlando Bloom, while still as pretty as ever, just isn't cut out to play a tough military leader character in the mould of Maximus from Gladiator (imho, he works better as a sidekick sort of character like in Pirates of the Caribbean). However Jeremy Irons, Liam Neeson and Ed Norton were worth it, especially Norton, who despite only having about ten minutes screentime, still managed to give a moving performance as the Leper king of Jerusalem and acted behind a facemask the whole time.

One thing I've heard though, is that the Christian right have been advising people not to see this movie because it portrays Christians unfavourably. Well, all I can really say is that it's a movie about the crusades. Christians did behave badly during that period of history, abominably even. In fact, the entire middle ages aren't a particularly good advertisement for Christianity/Catholicism. And all things said, there are good and bad guys in the Christian and Muslim camps in the film, if that makes sense. *adds two cents to the jar and sits down*

And I know there's other stuff I'm forgetting, but since I went to bed at 12:30 last night, I'm going to get in an earlier night.

Note to self: Make a new layout and some new icons when there is time.

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