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Cut for spoilers.

Things I loved:

The opening credits....they smacked of Monty Python.

The introduction to the Guide. Oh God, they used the tv music. I loved it!

The cameo of tv Marvin on Vogsphere in the queueing scene.

Simon Jones making an appearance as the 3D Magrathean answering machine. Also, Douglas Adams posthumous cameo right at the end. Nice touch.

Zaphod. I'll talk more about Arthur/Ford/Trillian later, but Sam Rockwell was bloody amazing as Zaphod. I couldn't get over it, he just threw himself into the role and was cocky and manic and everything you'd expect an actor to be when playing Zaphod. Much love I do feel.

The infinite improbability drive scenes. Well, specifically, the bit where it was turned into a ball of wool and needles and Arthur/Ford/Trillian/Zaphod/Marvin were knitted doll-like figures. It was a squee-worthy moment.

Bill Nighy as Slartibartfast. Ok, this could be more do with the fact I love Bill Nighy anyway, but never you mind.

The voice acting. Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman were excellent, but Bill Bailey as the whale was just one of the best moments.

Things I liked:

Arthur Dent. Really, it was very good casting and Martin Freeman just captured Arthur's frustration and confusion nicely. And the tea....oh, the tea.

Ford Prefect. Again, good casting (lots of good casting for this film, really). Loved the scenes he shared with Zaphod and his constant use of the towel.

Deep Thought's appearance....or rather, the entire artistic design of the film. It just reminds me so much of Starship Titanic (the computer game that Adams created. Do check it out.). Just....really cool and abstract.

The appearance of the Vogons and their ships and the entire shot of them surrounding the earth as it was demolished.

Things I sort of liked but didn't especially:

The Humma Kavula storyline. I'll give kudos to Adams, because it was an excellent idea and poking fun at organised religion is always enjoyable, but it was kind of left hanging (did Zaphod give Humma the gun and get his second head back?). I'll assume that's because Adams sadly passed away before the script was finished, but we did get a good cameo from John Malkovich and some great visuals.

Trillian. Nah, something didn't quite sit right for me with Zooey Deschanel's portrayal. Though that could be to do with....

Things that I hated:

There were definite Hollywood touchs to this film. Namely, the Arthur/Trillian romance. ARGH. It annoyed the hell out of me. Especially Arthur's questioning of whether she was the one. Just....wrong.

Zaphod and the vice-president getting together right at the end? Also silly Hollywood cliche. I'm surprised they didn't throw another random woman in so Ford could have a girlfriend at the end. ;p

Also...I had one of those wonderful breakthrough moments tonight with my Year of Four Emperors assignment, when I realized what my hypothesis was and how I could structure things. I need to have more of those....preferably during exams or for comu2002. ;p

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