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The deadline for the conversation analysis assignment I have to hand in has been extended to Monday the 18th. This is very good. The fact that I'm only 300 words into the assignment is very bad. I am definitely going to work on it this weekend. Must. 1500 more words isn't so difficult, right?

Elizabeth, my comrade in love of all things British and Latin, says that Daniel Craig is now the new frontrunner for James Bond. I just can't see it....though that might be because he's blonde and not Clive Owen, who I think would be much better for the role. My respect for Mr Owen has increased since seeing him in Closer, it really compensated for the apalling piece of work that was King Arthur.

Also have discovered that ABC have got the rights to the new series of Dr Who and are showing it from mid-May! *cheers* Hopefully in a timeslot when I'm not having dinner, unlike the old episodes.

In other random news.....the Papal conclave begins on the 18th of this month. Which means there's every chance the new Pope could be announced on my 20th birthday (on the 20th), which is slightly odd to think about, but also cool.

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