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Well, one week of freedom left before I start uni. I've managed to… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Well, one week of freedom left before I start uni. I've managed to survive four months of having nothing to do, per se. Part of me is glad that I'm going back, and the other half reluctant. I've already done the first set of Latin homework in preparation....tomorrow I'll brave the orientation crowds at UQ and pick up the only required text book for my studies: The Complete Works of Tacitus. Having one textbook is something of a relief after the nightmare of last year's total book costs. Dad thinks I should resell them, but I'm exceedingly reluctant to part with them.

Ploughed through another two books at Ithaca last week. Finished Last Temptation, which in the end, was a pretty damn good book. There was more symbolism used than I had expected, and the descriptive passages reminded me of Louis DeBernieres' 'Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman'. Some were quite grotesque in their depiction of the brutalities that Jesus endured as well as some of the other characters. That said, it is, as one critic described it, 'spiritual dynamite', though not in the way I expected. Much is made of Jesus being tempted by another life where he married Mary Magdalene (only further ramped up by the film of the book, which featured an explicit love scene between them), but for me, I think it was the emphasis on Jesus' defiance of God and extreme reluctance to follow the path that was set out for him. Clerics have dismissed this book as blasphemy. Perhaps they're forgetting that Jesus was human and probably did undergo much more duress and angst than the gospels describe?

The other book I won't spend much time on, as it was a crappy fictionalisation of the life of Julius Caesar as seen through the eyes of Brutus. Brutus jumps into bed with virtually everyone: his wife, Caesar, Octavian, Cleopatra. Maybe lots of bonking did happen in res publica, but this just wasn't the way I'd envisioned it. :p Just my opinion, of course.

Next on the list: the journals of the Marquis De Custine on his experiences in the Imperial Russian court. I bought the book last year but possess the will to read it until now. Boredom will do that to you. -.-;;

Also making a concerted effort to see as many Oscar films as possible. Million Dollar Baby I saw last Sunday (without going into detail, very good with a very poignant and unexpected twist). I have tomorrow off work to take care of my university stuff, but I might go and see Ray. Oooh! And on a somewhat unrelated note, I must see Bride and Prejudice! Because I'd rather see Jane Austen done Bollywood style, as opposed to that other adaptation of P&P that's coming out this year with Keira Knightley as Lizzie Bennett (noooo! *grabs at BBC adaptation*).

Also got around to taping a Woody Allen movie on cable....Everyone Says I Love You. Admittedly, I only really recorded it so I could see Alan Alda sing and dance, but it was damn well worth it. I'm officially an unshamed fangirl.

Aside from work, all has largely been quiet on the western front. I went to a pool party yesterday at New Farm that was held by one of my fellow altar servers, Brenden. We had a BBQ dinner and his wonderful roommate made caramel tart and trifle for dessert. It was a really great night, though I expect after those desserts as well as dad making pancakes for morning tea today I'm probably going to have to walk off all those sweets. ^^;

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