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Four days into Lent and I'm barely surviving my vow to abstain from chocolate. That sounds so ridiculous, doesn't it? Chocolate and alcohol are pretty weak things to give up, all things considered. I should try and think of something better in the future.

Going to redo my iPod playlist today. Like a Moth needs updating, so does my lj layout. I was going to fix up the annual Lenten layout on Wednesday, but laziness has pushed that little task to being done today, with a bit of luck. Also have to consider my future Latin homework and textbooks required for the upcoming uni semester. I did sign up for my communication and culture tut yesterday that I wanted sucessfully. Now, I have to wait and hope that I'll be able to get the tut for Roman history that I want.

Having barely any customers at Ithaca has me already three-quarters through the Last Temptation of Christ. It's a lot easier to read than Tristan and Isolde. Though both are novels of much angst and woe (Kazantzakis' Jesus is a very tormented young man who's genuinely tempted by many a demon), Kazantzakis' prose is more flowing and the description is very nice.

Von Strassburg's retelling of the medieval myth of Tristan is hard going in that there appears to be a fair bit of repetition, or rather, emphasis on the angst of Tristan and Isolde's forbidden love and their constant sneaking around under the nose of Isolde's husband King Mark. There's also much emphasis on love and romance in metaphorical terms in that book that can be hard going.


Having heard it on the radio for the last two weeks, I really want to find an mp3 of The Wrights' cover of Evie Part 1. The single comes out on the 27th, but I have no patience when it comes to these things. There is probably one kicking around on Kazaa, but with the appallingly slow internet on this computer, Kazaa just won't connect on this computer. I've resorted to using eDonkey (which I'm using to download movies/tv shows), but search results didn't yield anything there. :p

Going to see The Aviator today. I've been dying to see this film for at least two months (buoyed by a Willem Dafoe cameo, Alan Alda being in it and Cate Blanchett's supposedly spot-on portrayal of Kate Hepburn). Expect a review tonight....and hopefully a new layout and icons. ^_^

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