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Internet woes

I was watching the news earlier, and there was a press conference held by a number of Catholic bishops who'd just visited the Pope in hospital, where he's recovering from a serious bout of influenza. Well, one of the bishops said he was recovering, but in the past Vatican spokespeople have been known to only confirm a pope's ill health after they died. I don't know.....the pontiff is 84 years old now, he can barely function and the Vatican hierarchy appear to literally be speaking for him. I wonder if the cardinals prefer using him as a mouthpiece or if they'd rather be vying for his position by now? It's a morbid thought on my part, but I wonder how far-fetched it is. At least I've heard that there are plans to introduce a retirement age for future papacies. As much as John Paul may still have a strong mind, he just seems too weak in body to be the leader of the church.

That was my (cynical) two cents on the state of Roman Catholicism, and now we move onto recent news.

Our internet died on Friday. Or more, it didn't really die, something just stopped it from working. We're not entirely sure what, but I think it's to do with the evil firewall dad installed. I ended up uninstalling the update that it came with and presto! The internet worked again....albeit, back to the slow, lousy connection that we began with. Oh, well. The chances of us getting broadband aren't particularly good now either....have to wait and see on that. :-/

Work picked up last week, though it's yo-yoing a bit. Maryke and I do alternate days at Brackenridge and Ithaca. Working at Ithaca TAFE is nothing short of extremely dull. You're there on your own in the student commonroom from half past eight in the morning to five thirty in the afternoon, and neither Maryke and I have had that many customers over the day so far. I ploughed straight though Tristan and Isolde when I was there last Thursday (I'll get to reviewing that a little later), played numerous games of Tetris on my phone and contrived to plan plot points in a writing journal for the original writing piece that I haven't started properly yet. While it's great to earn money for not doing very much, I still prefer going to Brackenridge. There are people to talk to and more often that not, there's actually stuff to do.

In other news, it's been an oddly social weekend for me. Last week an old school friend, Isabel messaged me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to have drinks with her at the Paddo, as she'd just come out of a long-term relationship and wanted to get back on the singles scene. I was a little reluctant, but I went along anyway. If nothing else (for a Saturday night, the Paddo didn't seem to have too large a crowd), it was great to catch up with her. I've often found seeing old classmates to be a bit awkward (really, you can summarise everything you've been up to in the last few years in just a couple of sentences), but I knew Isabel well and it was terrific to see someone that I was a close friend with and have a proper conversation with. And I discovered citrus Malibu, which is my new favourite drink!

I didn't drink much last night....aside from the Malibu, I had a cruiser and one cocktail (a cosmopolitan) and I didn't feel crook this morning, but I just felt like my limbs were made of lead today. It was probably more the heat than anything, but drinking probably didn't help. :-/ Ben, Paula, Suzanne, Robert and my niece and nephew visited, we had assorted salads and cold meats for lunch and Paula brought her amazing desserts (pavlova and chocolate flan). It was a pretty good day, all in all, but I'm so tired, and I'll need my sleep tonight. In order to function properly at work tomorrow morning I'll need to be up by 6:30 at the latest. :p

Mum and I went shopping yesterday for clothes, and I managed to buy Steven's birthday present....yes, I was boring and got him a book. But it is Umberto Eco's Baudilino. He liked The Name of the Rose, and I'm pretty sure he'll like this one too....hell, I think I'd like it and I'll probably end up borrowing it from him at some point. -.-;;.

Killing off the rest of the evening by watching the episodes of MASH I taped and CSI. It's a thrilling life.

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