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It's come to this.

I've been on holidays since November. I'm actually so bored, I've started doing the Latin translations for next semester's Latin course. This is probably a good thing though, because my workload will be lighter and there'll be more time to work on gruelling assignments.

At this point, my timetable's looking pretty good. My classes are mainly in the afternoon, so I'll have to contend with peak hour traffic, but I do get Friday off and I can sleep in on most of the other days. Yay! I'm studying Graeco-Roman religions, continuing my Latin and ancient Rome studies and doing a course on talk and interaction. Looks pretty good right now.....but by March I daresay I'll probably be tearing my hair out again over assignments. ;p

In other news, I have my Nikos Kazantzakis book! I've promised myself that I'd finish Tristan and Isolde first though. Von Strassburg's prose is as heavy with detail as Umberto Ecos writing and I'm finding it a little difficult to concentrate on. Particularly when there's the lure of cable tv, dvds and other such distractions. For example, they're showing the movie version of The Name of the Rose in two weeks. I don't know whether I want to watch it though....Sean Connery and Christian Slater as William and Adso just don't seem right.

Ha, I know, I'm picky. Alexander comes out here next week, and I'm wondering whether to see it on the sole basis of picking out all the historical errors....and perhaps the awful acting I've heard about. Still, it couldn't be any worse than Caligula, right?

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