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Christmas eve

Just came back from serving at two masses at the cathedral....the one at six o'clock had kids. Everywhere. Normally, I can tolerate little ones, but there seemed like hundreds of 'em, and there was this constant stream of wails and cries echoing off the walls. And when you're in a stone church where the humidity is causing your alb to cling to you with sweat, it doesn't do a whole lot for your mood. But I survived, and was rewarded with hot chips and iced tea afterwards!

Tomorrow, I'll serve another mass at eight in the morning, and then the family unit and I are going to visit my uncle Howard and aunt Sharon for lunc. Aside from that, it's probably going to be a pretty quiet Christmas. Next year sounds promising, though, as dad's been talking in recent weeks about trying to go to Europe again, since we didn't get to last year.

Anyway. I'd like to wish all of you on my flist and in the internet world a very Merry Christmas (or whatever else you're celebrating) and a happy new year!
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