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Finally, time to update! Or there will be more time to update from now on, because I'm on holidays! Back to updating with all the boring tidbits of my life.

My exams have left me somewhat uncertain about what my GPA will be. Ancient history is my main essay question on the struggle of the orders sucked royally, though my historical commentaries and answer on factors for the decline of the republic were good.

Religion I think I should do well on. Still, three thousand words written hastily in a week isn't exactly going to be top reading. Honestly, how can they expect you to read a six hundred word answer to a question only based on lecture notes that are only a half a page/a page long? I really had to stretch things to pull it off.

Latin was the one I feel I did best in. My memory was good for the material, so I'll be disappointed if I don't pass. Results are released on the first of I have my fingers crossed until then.

So, I have three or four months holidays. I know I'm going to go crazy from having not a whole lot to do. Went and salivated over the books in Borders yesterday....Alan Cumming's novel 'Tommy's Tale' is there...I think that might be my summer reading. And, because I should keep up my Latin study, I've thought about buying the Latin translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Granted, I won't know all the words in there, but I can at least keep up my parsing and add to my vocabulary and grammar, perhaps.

Christmas decorations have been up in the department stores here since October. It's ridiculous, but at the same time, I find myself already getting into the holiday spirit. :p

*pokes layout* I've had this green theme for most of the year....perhaps a change would be good. *goes off to look at icon/colour scheme ideas*

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