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Hee, the video for Orgy's Blue Monday was on Channel [V] this afternoon. severa, I thought of you. And waited patiently for Snape to rock up to front door with an iguana. ...He didn't come. *end fandom in-joke*

I never doze off during the day as a rule, but I'm guessing the last few days caught up with me. I got my critical discourse analysis finished, and handed it in early so I wouldn't have to go to uni on Friday. I ended up going anyway though, since the Antiquities Museum was unveiling a new exhibit that one of the guys in my Latin class helped to set up. Iamsuchageek, but the people in my class are so cool. One of the guys, Daniel, he is the first I've encountered at uni who knows of fanfic. I was deeply impressed.

I have two exams during the exam block. Latin and Discovering Rome. Plus a take-home exam for religion. All one day after the other. Ninth, tenth and eleventh. I'm going to be pushed for study time next week, but I'll manage somehow. :p

Also....Spy Kids is worth watching just for Alan Cumming nancing around in cool velvet coats. Wo0t!

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