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If the gods were going to give us a message, why wouldn't they give it to us in Latin?

You know you're a geek when you wish you could watch films like Gladiator and mini-series like 'I, Claudius' dubbed/subtitled in Latin. Surely, if they can translate the Harry Potter books into Latin and Classical Greek, this shouldn't be a problem?

Doing the Discovering Rome course this year has done much for my love of the Roman Empire (still smarting over studying the republic/Pompey in Grade 12 ancient history so I still hate it. ;p). The lecturer who has taken the course for the last couple of weeks, Dorothy Watts, has given me a busted hand due to her refusal to give out lecture notes, but I forgave her last week when she devoted two whole lectures to Gaius Caligula, whom you all know is my favourite Julio-Claudian to study. Terrible emperor, fun study subject.

I've just about finished Latin for the year, but I'll have to keep it up during the summer break....Tom Stevenson's constant mantra of 'A little and often' follows me everywhere. We've just about finished the condensed version of Cicero's prosecution speeches against Verres, next semester we do the real thing and translate the speeches on the Catiline conspiracy. In the meantime, I might see if I can get a copy of Harrius Potter for holiday practice.

Whee, aren't I boring? :D

I'm trying to do my John Kerry media assignment at the moment, but am getting nowhere. Damn you, Norman Fairclough! Critical Discourse Analysis is by far the most difficult thing I've tackled at uni so far (all the different Latin verb tenses not withstanding).

In that vein, on a rather beleated note.....RIP Jacques Derrida. May deconstruction continue to baffle me long after your untimely passing.

Saw Vanity Fair a few weeks ago....I want to say I liked the 1998 BBC adaptation better, but this one was just so colourful and pretty and Moulin Rouge-like with all the Indian influences. And the Prince of Wales was there. I half-expected Percy Blakeney to saunter forward with some silly poem to entertain him.

Hm. Well! With a bit of luck I'll update again before this thing gathers anymore dust bunnies than it already has. ;p

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