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Having let my journal gather dust for two weeks now, I felt it was… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Having let my journal gather dust for two weeks now, I felt it was time to post something.

So, a quiz seemed the obvious choice. Judging by the descriptions, I think I'm more academic than progressive. I can safely own up to owning several Latin dictionaries and a Greek one, even though I'm not learning Greek....at least at this point. And I know who Noam Chomsky is!

Other than this quiz, my life has been astonishingly blank for the past two weeks. The so-called holiday was spent writing my Sufism/Eastern meditation essay, which was disappointing but worth it in the end. I got my Tantra paper back last Wednesday and received full marks, which I was not expecting at all considering I wrote it in the space of four days. In other meditation news, we're getting a swami coming in to talk to us next week about Bhakti meditation. Going to read up so I can actually ask questions next week....it's embarrassing enough having nothing deep to ask about when Dr Pecenko asks us.

Having satellite tv is doing nothing for my concentration. They had a Young Ones marathon on last week on UKTV followed by a Lenny Henry one. The Lenny Henry shows weren't so interesting.....until there was a skit featuring Richard E. Grant in a feathered tricorn pistol duelling with Henry. I must find screencaps of that!

And this weekend, I'm going to start my CCST assignment on John Kerry in the media, and translate the next considerable chunk of Cicero's prosecution speech against Verres. I skipped ahead in the translation book and found we're doing Catullus in a few weeks....translating Latin love poetry looks deceptively easy.

The Borders in the city has a copy of the Marquis De Custine's journals of his experiences of imperial Russia (his journals were banned by the communist government)....I'm going to hang out and see if it's there the next time they have a student discount deal going on.

And on a final note....today, Australians vote in the Federal elections. May the best man win, though it's probably not likely.

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comfybluechair From: comfybluechair Date: October 9th, 2004 04:11 am (UTC) (Link)

I was the Progressive Girl.

Allo there Steph,

You know your bored when...you take a "what kind of girl are you" quiz. lol The really funny thing is, the results actually suit my personality.

Its really good to see I'm not the only one with weeks upon weeks where nothing but homework and research happens. Not that its a good thing, but it does keep one out of trouble...usually. However I'm not going to argue with you about TV being distracting, there is a reason I watch TV very rarely. Even if I do, its not for much past sports and news. :)

And one more thing, I seen this and it made me smile.

translating Latin love poetry looks deceptively easy.

Anything can look easy if you know how, its only once you start doing it do you discover that not all is as it appears. I've learned that doing Business Finance questions as the shortest questions are usually the hardest!

Still, enough rambling for me tonight.


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