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Oh God, we've got cable. Over fifty channels to choose from for the first month! Then it's narrowed downs to the ones we want to keep.


Also, going to the St. Kilda/Brisbane game tomorrow night at the Gabba! It should be a thrilling game, by all means.

In bad news....I am two thirds through my Roman coin essay, I haven't started CCST (due on the 13th) and there's a Roman history mid-semester on Monday.

When it rains, it pours. :p But my Eastern meditation tutor, Barbara, has informed us that our 1500 word essay's due date is now on the sixth instead of the 22nd, which means I won't be pressed for time on my tutorial paper on Tantric meditation.

/university rant.

Right, off to watch Chamber of Secrets, since it's on the in the next room.

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