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Perii! Occidi!!

I can't believe I haven't updated this in a week and a day. That must be a record for when I'm not away on holidays.

Fact is, there's been nothing worthy to report here. Really, you don't want to hear about my progress in translating Plautus' Bacchides for Latin. Though, we are starting Amphitruo next week, and after that...Cicero! Ahh, I've been waiting for ages to do one of his prosecution speeches.

My job interview last week yielded nothing, though I did have fun marching around Garden City in a suit like I was a yuppie, and solving a murder mystery is always fun. I think I may have been a little nervous for the thinks I probably need to build up my confidence a bit more in situations like that. But I digress.

Today, I have three hours of Latin. My lecture and my tutorial. I also want to think about making an appointment with the head of the School of Classics about considering the possibility of postgraduate honours. I was thinking either ancient history or Latin. Though they're both fairly scant fields. I could see myself teaching Latin and enjoying it.

Something to consider for the future, anyway.

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