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It's a bizarro world when the Brisbane Lions are being beaten. But… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
It's a bizarro world when the Brisbane Lions are being beaten. But I'm not complaining. *cheers for Sydney tonight* Give them a few years and the Lions will be the new Collingwood. :p A large fanbase, and will be hated by all supporters of other AFL teams.

We have a Japanese student staying with us presently, and I'm not sure for how long, so my time online has been swallowed up a bit on account of the fact Maryke is currently using the study as a temporary bedroom. It could be like this for the next three weeks(? not sure how long she's staying for, but she's leaving on the 22nd), so friends, bear with me if I'm not on to talk.

Picking up where I left off on the university week, I had my first Eastern Meditation in Religions lecture on Wednesday. Dr. Pecenko is amazing. Very animated and enthusiastic, and I'm sure he'll make the course very interesting. We'll also be trying different meditation techniques. I've never cared much for meditation, but any excuse to clear my mind of thought is welcome.

Language in the Media also looks promising. Richard is enthusiastic as ever, and I'm looking forward to dissecting talkback radio and other forms of media.

Steven sorted out his timetable problems and has settled down. Brisbane will be good for him, methinks. :) Very happy to have him here.

And now, since I was up at five this morning (early morning walk up Mt. Cootha), I'm going to retire early tonight. Taking Mina (Japanese student) to St. Steven's with me tomorrow for mass.

Current Mood: pleased pleased

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