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When I catch up with old friends (as I have been now that I'm… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...

When I catch up with old friends (as I have been now that I'm studying in Brisbane), they ask what I'm going to do with my arts degree. And I can never give a straight answer.

I envy those people who have mathematical minds. Subjects like maths and science are so much more clear-cut because it's all about equations that have fixed answers. Subjects like history, or English literature, or media studies...they're all about interpretation. Media studies appeals to me the most though, which I still think is odd. It's my best subject yet not the one I'm most passionate about. Though having great lecturers in this field such as Bruce and Richard have made studying it an enjoyable experience.

And right now, I'm wondering about what I will do with this degree when it's done. Ancient history, religion, Latin and communication and culture. Ideally, I'd like to be a librarian with those subjects under my belt. In my most ambitious moments, I want to be a uni lecturer in classics, probably teaching Latin (Tom Stevenson makes it so much fun for us). Mainly because as opposed to secondary teaching, the students that are attending my lectures are going to listen. I'd like to think I'd be a good lecturer.

In a perfect world, I'd make philosophy trendy. I'd bring it to the masses, like Alain De Botton. I would study overseas and write a book after I finish my PhD. I'd travel, but remain in Brisbane. And jobs for ancient historians would be plentiful.

Yes, very delusional of me. But I needed to get that out because it's been sitting in my head for the last 10 minutes.

Holidays are nearly over. I'll be so relieved to be catching a bus full of students in Brisbane peak hour traffic next Monday. And I will really regret saying that.

I really want to join the fencing club this semester and get back to fencing, since it was one of the few things I was good at. I've lost a little bit of weight through exercise, and I feel fit enough to do it. If only the classes weren't on Monday night. >.<

Aaaand, Steven will be here from next Monday too. He'll have moved into his student accomodation. I must give him a proper tour of UQ. The place is so big he'll get lost if he doesn't have a map.

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