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God, I spent a good portion of the afternoon fixing up the html for Like A Moth, but it was well worth it. Still a few tweaks to go, but the majority of it is done. *pshew*

Bought my niece's christening present on Monday. It's an angel bear from The Teddy Bear Shop. Also bought a rosary and a prayer card to go with it. Also went clothes shopping with mum and bought a pink cropped jacket from Just Jeans that I can't wait to wear.

Today I had my dental appointment to have my teeth cleaned. I would like to point out to Dr. Spencer that I am not eight years old and don't wish to be spoken to as if I am that age. Uy. Still, my teeth are in good shape, so I shouldn't complain.

Maryke is on her dreaded retreat. Which means I will have more time to myself. If only I were a more exciting person, this prospect would look more promising.

Ah well. Perhaps I'll go see the Stepford Wives tomorrow. I promised mum I'd see King Arthur with her so that'll wait until Saturday.

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