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This was SO MUCH better than the first Spider-Man film, which is saying something. Sam Raimi's cleared up for the mistakes that he made in the first one. The CGI is much better, and not as obvious. And the credits were so cool! They had the webby stuff and the cool Danny Elfman music, but they had bits of the first film drawn in comic style.

Something I really loved was that they used more music in this film. There was this great sequence with Peter after he'd abandoned his duties as Spider-Man set to 'Raindrops keep falling on my head'. It was hilarious and poignant.

Tobey Maguire was lovely. He is unbearably cute as Peter, and he was convincing when conveying Peter's struggle between being Spider-Man and his normal life as a poor student. I thought we didn't see as much of Kirsten Dunst as MJ in this film, but she was good at making life difficult for Peter. And the red hair was less...obvious. More natural shade this time.

Alfred Molina was good as Doc Ock. No one else could have played that role but him. Sam Neill and Christopher Walken were both rumoured but really...he made the part his.

JK Simmons was hilarious as Jameson. XD Now that I've seen him in Oz and Law and Order: SVU (and as the voice of the peanut M&M :p) I can appreciate his versitility as an actor. Also caught sight of Curt Connors and Stan Lee's cameo in one scene.

Not a whole lot of James Franco as Harry either...but wow! Harry has...well, changed since the last film. He's the head of Norman's company now....and he has the power suits and sunglasses to go with it. I think in the comics Harry had a narcotic this film he's got an alcohol problem and ends up bitch-slapping Peter at a party.

I wasn't expecting Harry to stab Peter when he found out he was Spider-Man, but...oh, the angst. The WOE when Harry let him go to find MJ. And the end of the film wasn't exactly making it easier for him.

Speaking of which.......ahhhh, there was a Norman cameo. This made me smile insanely (no pun intended), if only for a fleeting glimpse of Willem Dafoe (looking gorgeous in a black shirt) being appropriately creepy/angsty.

Anyway, the sequel is more or less set up. Harry's found the glider, the mask and the pumpkin bombs. We're looking at our second Green Goblin. Whee!

God, I'm itching to go out and see it again now! Might settle for hunting around on Kazaa.

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