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David Thewlis nearly played Quirrell?! Aaaaaahhh! Thank God Ian Hart… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
David Thewlis nearly played Quirrell?! Aaaaaahhh! Thank God Ian Hart played him.

Yes, decided to forego Sargon in favour of Rove. Blehhhhh. Still looking forward to seeing PoA on Friday though.

Now that's out of the way...

A few of you on my friends list will remember my story 'Redemption' and it's unfinished sequel 'Love of Finished Years' (currently gathering dust at ff.net in the absence of sufficient inspiration. :p). If so, you'll remember Severa's fanchar Severa Rimmer, former student and now Snape's teaching assistant.

On this momentous occasion of my good friend's birthday, I have written a little fic in her honour. I'm not too sure about a timeframe, but I place it somewhere during Love of Finished Years, when Draco is increasing his threats against Hogwarts.

For Severa on the momentous occasion of her 20th birthday.

A Present for the Potions Mistress

Severus Snape stared at the two objects placed in front of him on his desk.

He was faced with a very difficult choice. He looked up at the blonde woman standing beside him, arms folded.

"Well? Make up your mind. Which one will it be?" he asked, impatience fraying his voice.

Celestine 'Celly' Sinistra smiled, almost playfully. "A snake bracelet is a very expensive gift to be giving your assistant, isn't it? Anyone would think you liked her."

Snape narrowed his eyebrows. "I didn't ask you here to mock my feelings, Celestine."

The astronomy professor's demeanour softened. "You're right, Sev. But I stand by what I say.....buying her a bracelet as a birthday present was a pretty bold step. A bit impulsive of you, wasn't it?"

"Which is why I bought the other gift." he gestured to the set of crystal vials in their own little shelf. Celly leaned in close to peer at them.

"Powerdered cyclop's eyes.....Acromantula hair....Doxy teeth....Harpy saliva!" she gasped. "You never trust Severa with Harpy Saliva."

"Exactly. It's not as....personal a gift..."

"...and it shows that you're trusting her more if you give this to her."

"But I'm still stuck with this bracelet." he sighed, picking it up. "I paid Carissa Ollivander 70 galleons for this to be made, and Mundungus Fletcher filched those emeralds in the snake's eyes from an African mine. Nearly got shot by muggles at that."

Celly shrugged. "So give it to her another time. The bracelet will keep."

"You're right, but....I daresay I'd love to see her expression when she sees it." he said quietly.

The witch smiled softly. "Merlin's beard Sev, you have well and truly gone into the deep end, haven't you?" she chuckled.

"You know well what it's like, Celly." he replied, a small wistful smile touching his features.

"Yes." she nodded, pausing in thought. "You know, Sev, there is an easy solution to this..."


".....Beatum natala tibi!"

As Iphigenia finished her stirring rendition of 'Happy Birthday' in Latin, Severa grinned in the manner of a kneazle who'd got the cream.

"Time to open more presents!" she chirped, looking over the table of still-wrapped presents in the staffroom, all for her. On another table, there sat a mess of paper and ribbons.

Surveying the array of wrapped parcels in front of her, she finally settled on a medium-sized one in green tissue paper.

Reading the card with it, she smiled.

"My most sincere hopes that this birthday is a most happy occasion for you. Kindest Regards, Severus Snape." she grinned madly at the Potions Master, standing with Celly. "Come here so I can give you a thank you."

Severus successfully fought back the impending flush in his cheeks as she grabbed him in a quick hug. Even this little bit of contact was worth savouring.

"I trust you will find this most useful, Severa." he said as she opened the parcel containing the shelf and crystal vials. Her gasp was virtually identical to Celly's.

"Harpy saliva." she murmured. "Severus, you're always saying you'd never trust-"

"Consider yourself trusted." he cut in quickly, allowing a quick, kind smile to show through.

The ceremony of the gift-opening continued until all that was left amongst the torn paper was a small box wrapped in silver paper.

"The last gift." she announced, holding it for all to see. "No card either."

Severus and Celly exchanged looks as she tore the paper off and opened the small grey velvet box.

Severa's eyes widened in surprise and she looked around at the guests. Her eyes settled upon Snape a moment and he returned her puzzled glance. "What is it?"

"It's.....it's a bracelet." she replied, removing the snake-shaped piece of silver. "A snake with emeralds for eyes."

"How pretty," Celly murmured. "must have a secret admirer there for someone to send you something as expensive as that." she added, winking at Severus.

Severa nodded and then fiddled idly with the bracelet, trying to undo the clasp to put it on her wrist.

"No, no, silly girl," Snape muttered. "Give me your hand a moment."

She grinned cheekily at him a moment and then offered her hand. "Being a bit forward there, aren't we Mr Darcy?"

She was rewarded with a fleeting scowl before the potions master snapped the snake's jaw open with a flick of the thum. "The bracelet opens like this."

The birthday girl looked at him in amusement as he closed the bracelet around her wrist. "Thankyou, Severus."

He smiled at her. "Happy birthday, Miss Rimmer."

She returned the smile. Severus knew he couldn't hold his gaze on her too long, but....

"Severus!" a tiny voice piped up.

Filius Flitwick was hurrying toward the potions master, alarm creasing his elderly face. Severus tore his glance away from Severa to the charms teacher.

Flitwick paused to catch his breath before speaking. "Minerva wants you, Professor Rimmer and Ms. Jordan." There was urgency in his tone. "We've received a new threat against Hogwarts."

The celebratory mood was silenced at once. Severus looked to Celly.

"I'll...clean things up," she said. "you'd all better get to Minerva's office."

While they stood on the staircase going up to the headmistress' office, Severus caught his assistant looking at her bracelet and then at him bemusedly.



"How did you know how to clasp the bracelet?"

There you have it. My sappy *early* birthday present to you (since I'm feeling inspired and I needed to get it out). I do miss writing that kind of fic, but this has inspired me for the moment, at least. :)

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ciliandis From: ciliandis Date: June 8th, 2004 10:10 am (UTC) (Link)
That's lovely, and so adorable I think my teeth are going to rot. *laughs*

I -did- have to lock Del in a box before reading it, though. ;) Hehe. Snape and his silly TA's. I think it may be a bad habit, don't you? *giggle*

I miss you!!

~ Ang
severa From: severa Date: June 8th, 2004 10:32 am (UTC) (Link)
n'aw. *hugs* thank you! That was sweet. Funnily enough in that time frame it would be around her big 3-0. I am so pleased that she called "Mr Darcy". For the past week I've been recontemplating their similarities. Especially the "My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever". but anyway. That was fantastic.

snape is so fluffy.
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