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Ah, I'm really starting to neglect this thing. There will be more updates when I'm on holidays and there's more trivial stupid things to write about because of boredom.

Today found me on the coast visiting my brother Ben, sister-in-law Paula and my niece and nephew, Ella and Will. Little kids are so much fun. Well, when they're not wreaking havoc. Will really needs to join a gymnastics class when he's older.

I got my essay finished and handed in. The word count was a bit over, but I'm hoping that my lecturer Richard will be nice and overlook that (yeah, right.). Though he was cool enough to let us drink champagne in our final tutorial, so here's to hoping.

This week will be devoted to my religion essays (2000 words collectively). I got out books for it, so tomorrow I will hit the other computer (so I'm not distracted by this sort of thing. :p) and begin work.

Time will also be devoted to revising Ancient History. That means revising definitions and re-reading the required reading. Will probably turn up at uni at some point, I need to get out some books on Mesopotamia that Dr. Wheatley recommended.

Also plan on seeing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at some point during the week, preferably on the opening day (Thursday). David Thewlis is going to be on Rove Tuesday night. Debating whether or not he's worth checking out over revising the achievements of King Sargon II.

Should find out when Shrek 2 is coming out here too. Puss in Boots looks too cool.

On a final paid account here runs out in a week or so. Going to renew it, as I can't imagine my livejournal existing without all these pretty icons and the layout. -.-;

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